Saturday, March 19, 2011

Palestinian militants in Gaza fired 50 mortar shells at Israel

Palestinian militants launched this morning and in less than 20 minutes between about fifty mortars at Israeli territory, causing minor injuries to two people in the West. The Israeli authorities have called on the inhabitants of the towns bordering the Gaza Strip do not go outdoors and stay in shelters.

The attack is one of the most intense launched from Gaza since the end of the massive Israeli offensive in late January 2009. In what appears to signal a new escalation, the armed wing of Hamas (the Islamist group that controls Gaza) has claimed many of the projectiles. The Israeli reaction was immediate and has attacked various targets in the area closest to the border, causing no casualties.

According to medical sources in Gaza, there are 6 wounded. "The terrorist group Hamas controls Gaza and it is ultimately responsible for the attacks and their consequences," Army sources say an attack on a Hamas base. The President of the Council of Eshkol in southern Israel, Haim Yalin, has told local media that "shelters and sealed rooms have saved lives but this can not continbuar well.

The rumblings we heard were unfortunately not Purim, "referring to the Jewish carnival held this day. After launching a Qassam rocket, Israeli aircraft attacked a base on Wednesday, killing two members of Hamas's armed wing. The fifty mortars can cause a much stronger response. This is what many MKs demand as the opposition leader Tzipi Livni: "The right way to deal with Hamas is using force." Even the leader of the Israeli peace party Meretz, Ilan Gilon said that "the renewed attack from Gaza is very serious and make it very difficult to restrain Israel." This week, the Israeli Navy intercepted a ship 50 tons of weapons hidden that after being in Iran and Syria, was heading to Alexandria (Egypt) to end, according to Israel, in Gaza.

According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "Iran is responsible for this new shipment of weapons to terrorist groups in Gaza."

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