Saturday, March 19, 2011

France urged to be "cautious" before the Libyan announcement of an immediate ceasefire

Paris. .- France urged today to be "cautious" before elanuncio immediate ceasefire declared by the Libyan regime in accordance with the resolution adopted last night by the Security Council of the UN. "Before this resolution was a first, the 1970, which was not respected. Now there is another and (the Libyan regime) begins to be afraid and to modify his speech, but on the ground, the threat to his people has not changed," said French Ministry spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Bernard Valero.

Libyan Foreign Minister, Musa Kusa, announced today that "after having seen the resolution, considering that Libya is a full member of the UN, reckon that it is obliged to accept the decision of the Security Council." In the same resolution this morning gave the green light to use force to protect civilians from attacks by Libyan forces Muammar Gaddafi regime and stop its offensive against the rebels who rose up against his regime.

"We only have a double request: to respect the resolution and to stop killing their people. It is very complicated and we hope you can understand quickly, for the interest of his people, which is what is suffering," added the representative France. Valero welcomed the adoption of the resolution and noted that it is "in a time of close coordination" regarding on its application and for military aid arrives on time, "because there is some urgency." "I guarantee you that of course France will assume its responsibility, with the sole objective of respect for the civilian population," he said noting that the announcement of the precise means your country will be made available in the coming hours.

"What is important now is that last night agreed on all efforts to reach resolution," said the spokesman, who considered the Security Council's decision "a victory for the Libyan people, for the United Nations and Arab League." Valero said that "the allies have not yet taken a policy decision on the participation of NATO operations," but recalled that France does not consider it "neither appropriate nor a good sign." And in response to the threats Gadhafi on Thursday that civilian ships and aircraft attack in the Mediterranean if there is "any military action" against Libya, Gallo spokesman said the international community is accustomed to threats "and who must take seriously the message of this is Gaddafi himself.

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