Friday, August 12, 2011

David Cameron in parliament "Ready to block social networking"

"The rescue began. We are here to protect you and pay you compensation. We are on your side. " Prime Minister David Cameron intervenes in parliament and is addressed to the nation. Shows a plan put into place to cope with the disorder, and announces drastic measures possible. As the restriction of the use of social networks, the main means of communication between young people who have inspired the revolt in the past four days: "We are investigating with the police chiefs the opportunity to block these communications - he explained -.

All those who have witnessed these horrible actions were impressed by the fact that were organized through social networks. " 'VI criminalize "- Who caused the riots a number of Downing Street said:" I will try, we will find, prosecute and we will put you in jail for what you have done.

" Meanwhile in and around London was another quiet night, also because of the rain, after the massive deployment of forces fielded. But tension remains high in other British cities. According to a first calculation made by the insurance, damage and vandalism for loss of earnings amount to 170 million pounds.

Tottenham-Everton postponed, the first Premier League game scheduled for Saturday. "I ask the country to put all the pieces together, but above all to join. The United Kingdom is shocked by vandals who have destroyed our city, this crime is unacceptable and there is no excuse here is not about politics or protests, here it is theft "." It is categorically the Prime Minister David Cameron, who said in parliament Thursday.

"Houses, shops and offices - said the prime minister - have been razed to the ground and the police were attacked while trying to bring order. We will do everything we can to rebuild our city. " The Prime Minister also discussed the problem of the "gang" of teenagers: "In Scotland there is a project underway to combat street gangs and we have to spread it across the country." But Cameron also spoke of the social problems of the country: "We must give a very hard line to our schools so that young people understand what is right and wrong. There is an independent investigation under way and I can assure the court that will go way down."

But the measures considered are not limited to public: "We do not exclude the blocking of new social networks in case of unrest - the premier said -. The free flow of information can be used for noble actions.
But even for evil deeds. We are working with the police, intelligence services and the industry to see if it can be just to prevent people from communicating through these sites and services when we know they are preparing violent disorder and criminal acts. " Once discovered - Cameron also spoke of measures to be taken in the coming days: "We will continue to monitor the situation day and night and we will do everything possible so that all the courts to proceed quickly.

Will increase police officers across the country: we are working with police and intelligence to stop the criminals. We have many agents in the front line ready to work. " In addition, the Prime Minister announced the extraordinary extent to which: "The police can remove all the masks that people use during the fighting and will use any means to disperse the crowd. The cops must have all the tools at their disposal to stop the violence."

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