Friday, August 12, 2011

The Statue of Liberty will close for one year for renovations

The Home Secretary, Ken Salarzar, announced that the Statue of Liberty Hill, again, one year for renovations, as reported in its online edition The New York Times. The newspaper notes that the New York closing will occur after being closed for renovations for three years after the attack of 11-S to make security improvements claimed by the National Park Service.

The main symbol of the "American Dream" and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the U.S. requires an investment of 27.25 million dollars for the new security improvements before and after the investment to reform escape routes worth $ 6.7 million. However, unnamed officials as saying further explained that the reforms may not begin as no projects have been completed or determined finance works.

Also pointed out that they do not want the statue remains closed on October 28, the 125th anniversary of its inauguration, it would be closed to the public the next day. The head of the Park Service Ellis Island and the monument, Vince Swift said that most tourists do not climb inside and said "will live exactly the same experience" as the statue remains closed.

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