Friday, August 12, 2011

Protest camp in Tel Aviv: This is the time of the tents

Driven by concern over the fragile peace with Egypt, Israel had pursued in the local popular uprising with suspicion. In the skepticism but soon mingled admiration for the so vehemently on the street supported the Egyptian democracy efforts. This tendency is even more compressed, the stronger the Netanyahu government - similar to the Mubarak regime - to discredit the Egyptian protesters as a dangerous mob of Islamists tried.

That the spark of the Arab revolution, mainly inspired by the example of Egypt's neighbors, so fast even on Tel Aviv and from there would skip to other parts of the country, so had probably expected no one in Jerusalem. In fact, the seeds of a broad Israeli protest movement was laid in June, when it was called on Facebook to boycott overpriced cottage cheese, which eventually led to price corrections.

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