Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tymoshenko claims that is monitored by the secret services of Ukraine

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko, tried for abuse of power and misappropriation of public funds, reported Monday that the secret service of his country watched. "My cars are daily more equipped for surveillance. We have had up to 20 cars, which continuously monitor where I am," Timoshenko said at the gates of the District Court of Kiev Pechora, where today the preliminary hearing resumed the process in listed as a defendant, which was finally postponed until Wednesday.

The former head of the Ukrainian government, who called the case against him as political persecution, also claimed to be the victim of wiretapping. "Seventeen my phone, my family and friends are tapped. Is a testament to the creation of a police state in Ukraine," Tymoshenko said, according to local agencies.

The prosecution accuses Timoshenko of Ukraine has signed a gas supply contract with Russia's interests and detrimental to the economy of Ukraine. Hundreds of supporters of former prime minister has become a focus today on the door of the courthouse, waving flags of the opposition parties and Front Batkívshina Zmin.

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