Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Obama is dead", but it is a hacker attack

"The President is dead. A July 4th so sad. " The death of Obama, the very day on which the States are celebrating the Independence, is the announcement sent shock that Fox News via Twitter. But it is a hacker attack. TWEET A GUST - @ foxnewspolitics, a Twitter account of the news channel, has started to tweet around 2 am (local time) to his 33,000 followers the message: "President Barack Obama is dead." At first tweet was followed by others, who have added details to the news: "About 45 minutes ago was hit by two bullets in the pelvis and neck.
The bomber is not known. " And shortly after yet another post stated: "Barack Obama struck twice in the restaurant in Iowa Ross." Hackers may also, through the Twitter account of Fox News, expressing "best wishes to the new President of the United States." The messages have continued and have been shared on the Internet, but according to British newspaper the Guardian that Fox News seems to have regained control of his Twitter page.

The news channel of Rupert Murdoch, who in the past did not spare harsh criticism of the president, declined to comment on the story.

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