Tuesday, July 5, 2011

EU delivers food to North Korea

North Korea has exacerbated by the food shortage, apparently so that the EU is starting an emergency program to preserve more than half a million people from starvation.

The European Commission said on Monday in Brussels that they will deliver food to the value of ten million euros in the country, especially to help children under five, which are due to severe acute malnutrition in hospital. The relief supplies that are primarily intended for the north and east of the country, will help 650 000 people to survive until the next harvest in October.

The communist dictatorship of North Korea has for many years, difficulties with the supply of the population. According to the EU Commission, the situation after a hard winter and floods but is now worse than usual. At the request of the North Korean leadership, the Commission in June for a week experts sent into the country, found that the government food rations for two thirds of the population depend, were reduced from 400 grams of cereals per person per day to 150.

That would correspond to less than 400 calories, thus, only a fifth of the recommended daily intake or a small bowl of rice. A large proportion of the population not getting enough food, it will spread grass eaten. The EU's assistance will focus on the most affected areas. Apart from children to pregnant and lactating women, patients in hospitals and old people receive food.

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