Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sarkozy's assailant was sentenced to six months but not set foot in jail

The man who on Thursday attacked Nicolas Sarkozy after a visit to Brax has been sentenced to six months, but may avoid going to jail for not having a history .. Gothic style dress, Hermann Fuster, 32, has been filed with the court in Agen, where he attended after being accused of "violence against a person holding public authority." The events took place last Thursday at noon, Brax, when the French head of state was waving to the crowd of people crowded behind a safety barrier.

The man, who did as he was to greet him, grabbed him roughly by the shoulder and pulled him. The attacker was tackled by four members of security while Sarkozy regained his composure and kept waving to the people. The man, employed at a music conservatory in Agen, was not known by the security services, prosecutors said.

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