Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bin Laden was planning a spy network to detect intruders in Al Qaeda

The documents collected from the compound where bin Laden was found last May shows that the leader of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda was worried about the financial situation of the network and attacks by unmanned U.S. aircraft, today unveiled the 'Washington Post' . The newspaper, citing officials involved in the research team created to analyze the documents seized on 2 May last year Bin Laden sent emails in setting out its concerns.

In fact, plotting ways that reaffirm the terrorist network strength and approved the creation of a counterintelligence unit to kill the traitors and spies within the organization. According to the documents, just months before the "Arab spring", Bin Laden warned its members in Yemen and elsewhere it was too early to create an Islamic state and not enough regional support for Al Qaeda to justify even tentative steps towards the restoration of the caliphate.

Analysts at the CIA and other agencies to closely study the files accumulated over the years bin Laden, they will recreate a new picture and a more nuanced view of Al Qaeda and its founder. According to officials, will continue providing information material to the terrorist organization in the coming years, although the bulk of the work is done.

The intelligence group has produced over 400 reports in six weeks that have resulted in several overseas operations, including detention of suspects who are cited or were receiving emails from Bin Laden.

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