Thursday, July 28, 2011

Norwegian Prime Minister announced a commission to investigate the attacks

Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, announced Wednesday the creation of an independent commission to discuss everything related to the attacks on July 22 in Oslo and Utoya Island, which killed a total 76 people. To the head of the Norwegian, "is important to clarify all aspects of the attacks to draw lessons from what happened," as he said in an appearance this afternoon.

"It's a national tragedy, an attack on the nation," he said in reference to the facts confessed by Behring Anders Breivik. The investigation of the commission could clarify whether the police responded appropriately to the attacks and whether the country is sufficiently prepared to tackle such attacks, unprecedented in recent history in Norway.

Stoltenberg appeared before the media in the gardens of his official residence, flanked by the political leaders of all parliamentary parties. In the press, pledged that the state will pay the funeral expenses of all the victims, reports Reuters. The police have made public Wednesday in a statement the names of another 13 of the 76 dead after broadcast yesterday on its website the first four names.

The new list includes only names of victims of the shooting on the island of Utoya appears that so far is the youngest victim, a girl of 14 years.

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