Thursday, July 28, 2011

Killed 12 people near Damascus by security forces

At least 12 people, including a boy of seven years, died on Wednesday near Damascus shot by Syrian security forces. The accident occurred when a young opponents gathered in Turkey to strengthen coodinación the protest movement against the regime of President Bashar Assad. "The security forces have looted several houses on Wednesday Kanaker.

After this operation, 12 people have died and more than 300 detainees," said Ammar Quorabi, president of the National Organization for the Rights of Man. "Quorabi sent a list of names of 12 victims, among which there is a child of seven years. The offensive of the Syrian security forces in this city of 25,000 inhabitants "has been supported by a tank and several armored cars" and "pointed people between 15 and 40 years, "stated Quorabi, adding that" at least 11 vehicles have been dozens of detainees.

According to the OSDH, seven armored vehicles were positioned on the west side of the city, seven in the main entrance of Kanaker and four others have entered the eastern part helped by a tank. In retaliation, "Kanak people have thrown rocks at cars and have cut the roads with burning tires." "The mosques of the city hospitals have become civilians," the NGO stated.

The OSDH has also added that a man was killed "on Tuesday at a checkpoint in Harasta" near Damascus. Two people were arrested on Tuesday night after night in Zebdani a demonstration near the capital. "More and more numerous army checkpoints within the city," said the Centre, including the security forces confiscated laptops.

"Since last March 15, repression of protest movement has caused more than 1,400 civilian deaths, the arrest of more than 12,000 people and the exodus of thousands of Syrians to Lebanon and Turkey, according to NGOs.

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