Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Norwegian Government will evaluate the police response to attacks

The Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg announced that the country will open an independent commission to review each and every one of the foundations Accountant surrounding the double bombing last Friday. Earlier, at a press conference, Stoltenberg announced that the Norwegian Government will evaluate the police response to the attacks.

Of course, it will "after comfort and assist" the victims and expect to complete the police investigation. This last point, it seems, is very important for the prime minister. He has vehemently defended his government can not and should intervene in the investigations, which are the responsibility of the judiciary.

And for the political separation of powers is sacred. It seems to have a clear response to the attacks of Oslo and Utoya "more democracy" and "political participation". What the Norwegian leader is expected that his country "more open and have a more tolerant society in the future." Maintaining its reputation, just, tolerant, Stoltenberg defended, without any doubt in his gesture, Breivik or anyone is perfectly entitled to have some radical ideas.

Of course, what is unacceptable is that recourse to force: "We must distinguish between ideas and extremist views, which are legitimate, and violence. They are the means of violence which are not legitimate," said . The Norwegian politician has also been referred to the need for homeland security.

He acknowledged that perhaps "we are now more aware." But wanted to point out that the demonstrations on Monday, the society of his country sent "a message that we are not afraid." At the most pragmatic, Stoltenberg has acknowledged that it has taken no steps to "monitor the far-right groups," and relying on the security of their country.

However, it has wanted to deny that in Norway there are no lengthy sentences. "21 years is a long sentence and there are ways to keep someone in prison longer if necessary to maintain the security of society," he said.

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