Thursday, July 28, 2011

New clashes in Kosovo

About 200 Serbian inhabitants of Kosovo on Wednesday evening, the border crossing with Serbia Jarinje set on fire. The NATO-led KFOR security force strong units moved into the vicinity of the crossing to prevent the spread of violence.

The Serbian President Tadi appealed to his compatriots in Kosovo to stop attacks. The EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton said politicians in Belgrade and Pristina on to an early resolution of the conflict. "Peace and security must be restored for everyone," said Ashton. She spoke of "unacceptable" developments.

French KFOR forces at a check point near Mitrovica few hours before the attack on the border crossing had informed the government in Pristina, that it has its special forces from two border crossings with Serbia, which are the focus of the conflict, pulled off again. The police had done their job to deploy to the border customs officials to enforce a ban on Serbian goods.

With the use of the special unit in the night on Tuesday several people were injured, a Kosovar police officer later succumbed his wounds. External cause of the dispute is disrupted trade between Serbia and its former southern province that declared its independence three years ago. Serbia in 2008 imposed an import ban on goods from Kosovo, the Kosovo government which responded after unsuccessful negotiations over the past week in turn with an import ban on Serbian goods.

This ban should have been to two border crossings that are in the Serbian area of settlement in the north of Kosovo, are ignored, because there do ethnically Serbian customs service officials. For this reason, the Kosovar government sent a special police unit to the two transitions to take control.

They succeeded, apparently without resistance at the transition Brnjak while they were stopped on the way to the transition of several hundred Serbian Jarinje residents of Kosovo. Here it came to violence. The commander of KFOR troops, the German General Erhard Bühler had to be after the clashes with the Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo made an agreement, after the police removed and replaced by customs officers of both races.

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