Thursday, July 14, 2011

Japan's Prime Minister on Anti-nuclear course

The Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan aims that Japan may one day get out of nuclear energy. In a short press conference he convened in Tokyo on Tuesday evening called for a shift in energy policy. "We need to develop a company that can give up nuclear energy," he said.

The country needed after the disaster of Fukushima and given the "great danger of nuclear accidents" gradually reduce its reliance on nuclear power. Kan therefore wants to promote the development of renewable energies. Already this week, Parliament will start discussions of an appropriate bill.

The goal is to be able to dispense with the promotion of renewable energies on long-term nuclear power, reiterated Kan. A timetable for a nuclear phase-out of the prime minister also called on demand, however. For this it is still too early. Kan has never spoken so much against nuclear energy.

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