Thursday, July 14, 2011

Air France, ordered to pay 400,000 euros to two families of victims of Flight Rio-Paris

A court in Toulouse on Tuesday condemned to Air France and its insurer, Axa, to pay more than 400,000 euros in provisions for compensation to the families of two pairs of passengers on the flight Rio-Paris, which fell on the Atlantic Ocean in 2009. Specifically, the judge ordered the payment of 203,235 euros for a family of Saint-Jean (near Toulouse) and another 203,235 euros to the children and parents a couple of Gironde, the newspaper Le Monde.

However, the case against Airbus as "failure of a defective product" has been rejected by the court, which held that the criminal procedure and the analysis of BEA (the body responsible for the investigation) are still ongoing, so no can rule definitively on the matter. Last May, the black boxes were recovered from the device in the ocean, and some bodies.

The boxes are already in France to address the causes of the accident, which killed 228 people. Last year, the company and was convicted by a Brazilian court to pay compensation of 1.2 million reais (over half a million euros at the then exchange) to the family of four killed in Brazil.

Yet another Brazilian judge ordered the company to pay 2.04 million Brazilian reals (more than 840,000 euros) for another victim.

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