Thursday, July 14, 2011

The French Parliament approves to extend the intervention in Libya

Paris .- The French National Assembly today approved by an absolute majority the extension of the gala intervention in Libya, beyond the four months originally planned by the French Constitution. The debate lasted two hours and then each group had five minutes to defend their position, during which, despite the reservations of environmentalists, he consented to the continuation of France in it.

In this vote, which will be followed by another in the Senate today, 482 deputies voted in favor of the presence of the armed forces in Libya, 27 were reported against and seven abstained. In this session, the Prime Minister Gallo, François Fillon, said today that "no one said the intervention would be easy," but that the situation in that country "has continued to improve since the beginning of the international operation on 19 March.

The defense minister, Gerard Longuet, said the war in Libya since the release of this operation has cost France 104 million euros, an amount that does not include the cost of wear on the material used, which, he may rise another 60 million euros, but has not yet been evaluated.

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