Thursday, July 14, 2011

David Cameron, ready to testify in the scandal tracks

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, stated on Wednesday in Parliament would be prepared to testify in the case so requires the judge to investigate the illegal wiretapping scandal carried out by News of the World ', the property by Rupert Murdoch's Sunday and has stopped running by this scandal. The 'premier' was questioned about whether he would explain: "Pro course," he said.

Cameron also announced that Judge Lord Brian Leveson will be responsible for the judicial investigation into illegal wiretapping, which has the authority to ask for statements from different witnesses. The first report on this investigation will be known within a year. These witnesses, who must do so under oath, there will be journalists, media managers, police and politicians of all political formations.

The judge will make recommendations concerning the relationship between politicians and the media, said Cameron, who did not set a timetable for completion of the investigation. The Prime Minister informed that the current police investigation contains 11,000 pages interventions and mobile numbers of 4,000 and 5,000 fixed telephone lines.

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