Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Syrian regime promised a new law on parties to put the riots

The Syrian government tries to stop the protest movement against President Bashar al Assad increasingly promises of reform, most recently a new law of parties today announced the official news agency Sana. According to the source, the prime minister, Adel Safar, agreed to form a committee for drafting the new legislation, which will be filed after the public before being approved.

Independent observers nevertheless considered that it is unlikely that the strategy to succeed, partly because the leadership of the ruling party, the Baath is not ready to give up the special role that gives the group the Constitution. In recent days security forces fired in several cities against the demonstrators who shouted slogans against Assad.

Just this past weekend reportedly killed over 30 people. The opposition in exile says some protesters were injured in the village of Jisr al Shogur were brought to Turkey for medical treatment.

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