Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Syria denounces Israel to UN for the assault on the border in the Golan

Syria denounces Israel to UN by the influx of hundreds of Syrians and Palestinians on Sunday to the border in the Golan Heights, which Damascus believes driven to distract the attention of the protests against the regime are recorded in the Arab country. "We will file an official protest to the UN because the Syrian government encouraged, planned and intentionally caused violent incidents at the border and also drove in a violation of international line monitored by the UN," said Igal Palmor spokesman Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Palmor considered "obvious" that the regime of President Bashar Assad "is trying to create a distraction to remove the focus from what is happening in their country," pro-democracy protests that were recorded from March and those who have died over a thousand Syrians, according to local NGOs.

Syrian sources say 23 people died and more than two hundred were wounded throughout the day. The situation is now calm, but the Israeli army is on alert and reinforced their deployment in the area.

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