Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Australian Army has lost X-Files

The Australian Army has acknowledged Tuesday that it has lost its "X-Files detailing UFO sightings across the country. Have not been found after two months of research by the Department of Defense, an operation that began by asking for an Australian newspaper by the institution Freedom of Information (FOI by its acronym in English) of the country, which requires the Government to release the documents of public interest.

"The files were not located and the Commander of the Air Force has formally recommended to be considered lost," said the newspaper "Sydney Morning Herald 'assistant director of the FOI, Natalie Carpenter. The only record that defense could find is titled "Report on UFO / weird events and phenomena in Woomera, a weapons range test conducted by the army, according to Carpenter said.

The other documents were lost or destroyed, which, according to the Australian newspaper, feed conspiracy theories about the disappearance. The record remains incomplete details for a number of sightings across the country and beyond its borders, including people living near Woomera in South Australia.

The Australian Army decided to stop reporting on UFO sightings in late 2000, according to the Herald, and asked citizens to report to the police.

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