Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Humala: My government will dialogue, hope and change

"Thank you dear brothers." The virtual president of Peru addressed the thousands of people for more than six hours waiting for him at the Plaza 2 de Mayo in Lima, Peru emblematic left to celebrate his election victory virtual. "Tonight I renew my commitment to the Peruvian people for economic growth with social inclusion," he promised.

"We will continue the good, correct what is wrong and make growth are real policies to solve the problem pensionary, health, education, infrastructure and security." According to the National Office of Electoral Processes, with 90.5% of the votes counted, Humala has been made with 51.36%, while Fujimori got 48.63%.

Humala took to speak out publicly on the results of the disputed elections and it was not until 11.30pm when he decided to go and meet voters, patiently waiting for him at the Plaza on May 2. His message lasted only half an hour and was positive and moderate, aware of the need to calm down half the country did not vote for him and markets.

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