Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rugby - Harlequins want to improve their image European

Since April 9, 2009, the English team Harlequins bears a heavy burden. At quarter-finals of European Cup, winger Tom Williams was ordered to bite a blood capsule to allow a potentially more effective substitute to enter the field. And a club doctor had then cut his lip with a scalpel to his injury seems more real.

The scheme had yet been discovered shortly after this meeting and Harlequins had been imposed a heavy financial penalty. Several members of his crew had been punished and left the Harlequins. Two years later, "the club has the same name, the shirt is still unique, but this team has completely changed," said English daily The Daily Telegraph.

And the club hopes to regain its luster abroad by winning the European Challenge Cup final May 20 against Stade French.

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