Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A group of Jewish settlers attacked a mosque in West Bank

Jerusalem .- A mosque in a West Bank Palestinian village appeared today with part of the property burned and painted in Hebrew, in what appears to point to an act perpetrated by Jewish settlers, local media reported. The facts were registered in Maghayer village, near Ramallah, Palestinian villagers as it was a premeditated attack the work of a group of young Jews from a nearby settlement with the intention of completely burning down the mosque.

According to preliminary investigations, early day settlers threw several incendiary tires inside the mosque, causing the burning of several rugs. Muslim shrine also appeared with many graffiti sprayed on that read the word "Aley Ayin", the name of a Jewish enclave that was evacuated last week by the Israeli authorities.

Israeli police investigating a possible relationship between the two events and members of the Civil Administration (Israeli military agency that handles civil affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory) have promised to the Palestinian community leaders a swift investigation into the incident.

It is suspected that this action is part of the policy known by the most radical of the settler movement as the "price", and involves making the Palestinians pay the mini-settlement evacuations lifted without authorization from the Israeli Government. A year ago the residents of the Palestinian village of Bayt Fajar, near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, reported that a group of settlers, apparently from a nearby Jewish settlement, entered the village before dawn and set fire to a mosque in the population.

Today's attack takes place on a day that marks the 44 th anniversary of the battle over the so-called Arab East Jerusalem in the Six Day War (1967), which Israel occupied this part of the city, among other Arab territories. The Israeli army is on alert for possible demonstrations in the Golan Heights, the West Bank and East Jerusalem to commemorate the anniversary.

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