Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gadhafi's daughter denounces NATO for war crimes

Aisha Gaddafi, Libyan leader's daughter has filed a complaint in Belgium against NATO on the grounds that the organization has committed war crimes by bombing civilians in Tripoli, according to Belgian media published. The lawsuit brought by Aisha Gaddafi Belgian Federal Court and the Court of Brussels also intends to cancel the blocking of assets of the Libyan regime that the EU decided to impose the Executive of Muammar Qaddafi, as reported on its website, the public broadcaster RTBF.

The central fact of the complaint is carried out the bombing by NATO on April 30 over Tripoli, which according to the Libyan regime were killed Gaddafi's youngest son, Seif al-Arab, 29, and three of grandchildren and other relatives and neighbors of the family. Lawyers for the daughter of Gaddafi considers that the decision of the allies of targeting a civilian population constitutes a "war crime", said one of the lawyers was quoted by the RTBF.

Resolution 1973 the Security Council authorized the UN to NATO to take military measures to protect the Libyan population, but does not cover that can attack civilians even in event of war, according to lawyers, who believe that the attack was deliberate. The complaint pointed out as responsible for the actions of NATO, which has its headquarters in Brussels, so that the lawyers believe that the Belgian courts jurisdiction to adjudicate the case

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