Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Parliamentary elections in Turkey: Erdogan's blunt claim to power

Erdogan and his party remain the measure of many things in Turkey. For the third consecutive year, the AKP will remain the largest force in the National Assembly in Ankara, although not as strong as its party leader had been hoped.

The plan to adopt a presidential constitution to Turkey continue to reign as head of state is, Erdogan now probably not be able to enforce. For the democratic development in Turkey is not a disadvantage. Unlike in 2007, the question of Turkey's EU membership no role in the election campaign.

The "European perspective", which the AKP secured once the necessary edge protection for its rise and in the power struggle against the army, has had its day. Erdogan is to bring out again when his power is in deep trouble, which is not in sight. Turkey has formally committed to the goal of EU accession, but more clearly demonstrated that their potential role in the most populous EU member state is too small.

Turkey shall be entitled to a full-length part in the concert of powers, although she does not even reached their regional political milestone, namely "zero problems with neighbors to have. Really good you did in the past few years with Assad's Syria - Free Trade Agreement, free movement and joint cabinet meetings included.

Little confidence and later dissociates from Ankara is now the Syrian despot. Turkey, in their self-view, the democratic light of the Islamic world, has lost there to his performance, even if the Arab spring should not prematurely declare the Turkish autumn. The biggest obstacle that Erdogan's government to overcome on the way to the first division of powers must be located, but not abroad but within.

Erdogan has announced the election campaign again and again that his country has no Kurdish problem. The question is whether this was just campaign posturing, or whether the manner of many powerful paladins and cheerleaders are effectively shielded against the rough and tumble reality of Turkish Prime Minister is able to recognize the situation in his country no longer actually.

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