Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Belgium: A year without government

For a year, Belgium is the dream of thousands of anarchists. The small northern European country has 365 days without government. Maybe it's his 'overbooking' of staff, or the natural discipline of the people of the north, the point is that in Belgium life goes on as if nothing had happened.

There has been split into two countries, has not collapsed economically and has joined in absolute chaos. "A year later, Belgium is still standing. There has evaporated. ... Just a little less in Belgium. And an agreement between communities seem more impossible than ever," wrote a couple of days 'Le Soir' Béatrice Delvaux, the chief editorialist of the daily French-language reference.

It all started after the last elections on 13 June 2010, when the Flemish independence party, the conservative N-VA, was - with 30% of the votes - to be the largest party in the country. However, the N-VA fell short of an absolute majority, so I needed the support of other parties to form government.

Since then, the Belgians are waiting. So long is being expected that on March 30, beat the world record and became the country that has experienced the longest government crisis.

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