Friday, August 5, 2011

At least 45 people are killed in another attack in the Syrian army in Hama

At least 45 people have died this evening after the assault tank of Syrian forces in the center of Hama, according to an activist quoted by Reuters and identified as Thaer. Up to 40 of the dead would come from the district of Al-Hader Orodes north of the river, while the remaining five have died while trying to leave the city by road to Dhahirya.

These would be family members and Fakhri Assaad, and between them have two children. The informant, who had escaped from the besieged city, explains that Syrian forces were used to fund with machine guns and tanks. The Syrian authorities did not allow entry of the vast majority of independent media, which is complicated complicate balances provided by officers and witnesses.

Hama hours before neighbors noticed that the tanks had advanced to the center, where they occupied the square Orontes, the heart of the massive protests against the regime of President Bashar Assad. Snipers were deployed on rooftops and inside the citadel. The bombings took place in Al Hader.

Human rights activists go further by ensuring that since the offensive began on Sunday, coinciding with the start of the holy month of Ramadan, has killed more than 90 people in the city, located in western Syria and populated by about 700,000, making it the fourth of the country. A diplomat stationed in Damascus says that "the security apparatus can quell think this survey rely on alternative security and killing all Syrians to give you time." State television has broadcast footage of what, according to reports the average would be armed men attacked security forces and government buildings in Hama.

A pharmacist who spoke by telephone with his family in the town told Reuters that they had tried to flee, but the 'shabbiha'-militias under government orders, fired randomly at residents. Several city buildings are on fire and snipers stationed on rooftops remain Square Orontes. Local Coordination Committees, a group of activists says the authorities try to prevent them to disclose news about what is happening in the city, and in fact states that no contact with peers inside it.

In addition, the Government has interrupted the water supply and electricity. "There are a large number of refugees trying to flee the city," he says in a statement. This reaction forces loyal to Asad occurs hours after the Security Council of UN to condemn the violent repression that exists in the country for four months.

Through a presidential statement, the Council called for an immediate cessation of violence. It is the first time that this UN body decides on the Syrian repression. In the text which all members, except Lebanon, which has been detached, Unit expressed the condemnation of "widespread violations of human rights and the use of force against civilians by the Syrian authorities."

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