Friday, August 5, 2011

Sonia Gandhi made in the U.S. "It is a cancer center"

Sonia Gandhi has been successfully operated in the United States. This is what it said in a statement released by the spokesman of the Indian Congress party president. With the Italian-Indian leader 64enne are the son Rahul, daughter Priyanka and her husband of the latter, Robert Vadra.

Apart from the brief note, around the Gandhi hospital in America applies the strictest confidence. She would arrive on Thursday in a hospital in New York specializing in the treatment of cancer, as revealed by the weekly magazine Tehelka investigation. This is the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where he is followed by the oncologist Dattatreyu Nori.

The private broadcaster CNN Ibn spoke of a "serious surgery". In the evening, a television spoke of a "serious surgery that went well," a rumor but it has not been confirmed by the party. The announcement of the admission was made by a spokesman in the afternoon with a curt statement that did not suggest any particular date and the place of hospitalization.

The news fell like a bombshell in political circles in New Delhi where he raced for a few days to press rumors of a "viral fever" of leaders who had defected to the reopening of parliament for the summer session.

In July a year ago, Sonia had already left the United States for a mysterious trip canceling a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron and already at that time there was talk of a possible disease.

Nothing more specific though: Sonia confidentiality famous since he was a "first lady" on the side of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and then, when 13 years ago, took the reins of the party of the family. Her Italian origin, as Antonia Albina Maino Hedwig has always been the object of violent controversy of the Hindu-nationalist, although now just one of the leaders of the Right, Narendra Modi, was among the first to wish her a speedy recovery.

The woman is described as one of the most powerful in the world. During his absence, at least two weeks, will be his son Rahul to lead the historic party of the Nehru-Gandhi family that has recently at the center of controversy because of corruption and high living costs.

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