Friday, August 5, 2011

Obama celebrates 50 years raising funds and eating hamburgers

Washington ..- The last crisis in U.S.. UU. has not prevented Barack Obama as tradition celebrating its 50th birthday. Chicago has done in his city, with several fundraising events for the 2012 presidential campaign, calling it "in some ways more important than the past." "I'm speaking from Chicago. With a small celebration at my house" Obama said before talking in a videoconference with Democratic supporters.

Earlier, Obama had another celebration: the end of the negotiations on the debt ceiling. It has done burgers inviting his entire team. Austere food that, sure, will not agree to his wife, addicted to the vegetarian diet for health claims which we have been campaigning. Later, the president addressed a major fundraising event and then planned a dinner with donors who paid $ 35,800 per ticket.

In the ceremony held in the Aragon Room of Chicago, was accompanied by the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, who was Obama's chief of staff, and jazz musician Herbie Hancock, who played some songs on piano. Among the audience could see several people carrying caps with the number 50, referring to the birthday of U.S. President for the occasion was sporting a new haircut. The Grammy Award winner, Jennifer Hudson, Obama met with singing Happy Birthday, which was echoed by all participants. Obama's trip to Chicago is his first outing of Washington in more than a month, where he has had to confront the complicated debt crisis in Congress and threatened to plunge the U.S. into the suspension of payments, something that was avoided at the last moment by a bipartisan agreement.

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