Monday, August 1, 2011

Syria: Bloody in Hama

On Monday begins the holy month of Ramadan: the expected clashes between the army and the opposition are thus additionally receive a religious sharpness 31st July 2011. Almost thirty years after the bloody massacre of the Syrian army of some 20,000 people gets mittelsyrische the city of Hama in the headlines again.

According to opponents of the regime of Bashar al Assad's troops are there at the weekend have lived brutally, as in the town of Deir al Zor in the east of the country, which is largely populated by Kurds. This Monday begins the holy month of Ramadan, it almost looks as if that would get right to expect in the next four weeks, the decision in Syria.

The Damascus regime is not shy and afraid to attack mosques, only if it can survive even this. Assad's recent announcement of a new party law was to allow greater democracy, has been of the "opposition" rejected as implausible. She knows the regime and suspects it would also help trick again to the power - maybe something clever distributed - to keep it.

Assad, the son of a cruel but clever (over)-father, has failed to respond promptly to put those reforms into effect, which had once expected of him when he was a beacon of hope. Now he gets a receipt. In the month of the expected clashes between the army and the opposition will also have a religious focus.

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