Monday, August 1, 2011

Ten died in the crash of a boat on the river Moskva Russian

A dozen people have died this morning when it hit the boat they were traveling in a boat on the Moskva River, which crosses the Russian capital, said the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations. The accident occurred in the area of the Vorobyov Hills (former Lenin Hills), where the river runs past the Lenin Stadium, the largest sports facility in the country.

"According to the latest data on board the boat were 17 people, including the captain," said a spokesman for Emergency quoted by Interfax news agency. He said that seven people survived the accident with life and so far rescuers have recovered the bodies of seven people killed, and the continuing search for three people still missing.

In the rescue effort involving more than one hundred rescuers, including divers equipment. Today is the second serious accident occurs river in Russia in less than a month: July 10, 122 people died sink a yacht, the "Bulgaria", in the waters of the Volga.

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