Monday, August 1, 2011

The Iranian woman blinded with acid saves his assailant

Tehran. .- Ameneh Bahrami, an Iranian woman who was disfigured and blind when a man threw acid in the face seven years ago, forgave the perpetrator of the attack today, minutes before you apply the sentence for which he was condemned to remain without also seen with acid, local media reported. The sentence, according to the Law of Ghesas (law of retaliation) collected in Iran's Islamic law, was to manage in today's Forensic Hospital in Tehran when, minutes before, Ameneh forgave the man, Mohavedi Majid, 29, told Fars news agency.

Now, according to the agency, Movahedi must return to prison to serve an indeterminate prison sentence. For its part, the student ISNA agency quoted a statement by Bahrami in which he stated: "I fought seven years to get this conviction and to see people throwing acid that must be punished with the 'eye for an eye." However, she added, according to the Iranian TV IRIB, who had forgiven him because "I never sought revenge, but compensation", which according to local media would be about 150,000 euros, to cover medical expenses, not two million I had previously requested.

On May 23 Iran's attorney general and judiciary spokesman, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei, said that the penalty against Movahedi, sentenced to be blinded with sulfuric acid, was final and conclusive. The event dates back to 2004 when Movahedi, a jilted suitor, threw sulfuric acid into the face of his classmate, Ameneh, apparently because she had rejected his marriage proposals insistent.

In 2008 a court sentenced the offender to receive ten drops of the same substance in each eye, under the Law of Ghesas, which allows the victim to get revenge or to forgive the offender. The penalty should be applied by itself Ameneh, 32, who had told the local newspaper Arman would be willing to give in exchange for compensation of two million euros.
International organizations defending human rights, like Amnesty International (AI), insisted in asking not to execute the sentence, describing it as inhumane.

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