Sunday, July 31, 2011

Night fighting in the south of Yemen caused 21 deaths

ADEN. (Reuters / EP) .- At least 13 people have died in the vicinity of the Yemeni Zinjibar city in southern Yemen, because of fighting kept overnight between soldiers and militants, while eight others have died error after the Army artillery. Five soldiers, a colonel and seven militants have been killed after the army tried to regain control of areas of the province of Abyam taken by Islamists, as explained by a local authority.

Within these operations, the army fired mistakenly local tribesmen, killing eight of them, as explained by a tribal source. The Islamists have taken control in recent weeks in several areas of Abyan, which has raised fears that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to exploit the political uncertainty and protests against the government of Ali Abdullah Saleh , started six months ago.

The branch of Al Qaeda in Yemen on Friday published a recording of his military commander threatened to attack neighboring Saudi Arabia, the biggest oil exporter in the world.

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