Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mohamed VI announced parliamentary elections

 The King of Morocco Mohammed VI on Saturday announced his intention to call parliamentary elections as an early measures to guarantee the implementation of constitutional reform, openness and pro-democratic character, approved last July 1 by overwhelming majority. "It's important to start with the election of the new House of Representatives to proceed on the basis of the results of their vote, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution," Alawi said the monarch in a speech to the nation gathered for the official news agency MAP .

This will enable, ultimately, "the appointment of Head of Government, and also to allow the formation, by the grace of God, a new government a parliamentary majority united and homogeneous," said the monarch. The constitutional amendment passed by a majority of 98.5 percent, stipulates that the prime minister must come from the largest party and deprive the monarch of its "sacred" but is still considered "inviolable".

These reforms, as the king, "should promote the emergence of a new political and institutional landscape and healthy." "Any delay in this regard", he warned, "would be inconsistent with the provisions of the revised Constitution, by definition, are temporary." In addition, the monarch said in a speech to the nation to mark the twelfth anniversary of his coronation this new dynamic will also include the opening of land borders between the two Maghreb countries, without giving any date.

The borders between Algeria and Morocco are closed since 1994 by decision of the Algerian Government, after the Rabat authorities accuse the neighboring country of involvement in a terrorist attack this year in the Moroccan city of Marrakech. The Alawite ruler said that this measure would be best to avoid "any stagnation or isolation that do nothing but disrupt the good neighborly relations, integration of the Maghreb and the expectations of the international community and regional space." In addition, Mohamed VI stressed the "positive cadence" that they are recording the current sectoral ministerial meetings and agreed with Algeria.

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