Friday, July 8, 2011

Olympic 2018 in Pyeongchang: The South celebrates the dream, the north is silent

Finally! The relief is high in South Korea. When the decision was announced in Durban, it was midnight. Nevertheless, already appeared in Pyeongchang first night revelers in the street, with banners, flags and fireworks. The mountain region is now coming to host the 2018 Winter Olympics to world fame.

Very traditional and modest gave some of the local residents said they felt "honored". "It's a dream come true", they heard from the capital's commentators. The dream had to wait a while to achieve. Only at the third application was Pyeongchang the contract, but the recent setbacks do not count anymore.

In South Korea, one is very excited about the Olympic prospects, and it was probably one of the points that the IOC was impressed that the support of the population, as it is always measured for the project last Olympics in South Korea was 96 percent. Pyeongchang for the county, in an undeveloped region of South Korea is about 200 kilometers east of the capital Seoul, the Olympic Games bring the promise of an economic upturn.

President Lee Myung-bak, who had zealously committed to the job and had traveled to Durban, the decision marked a victory for the Koreans, and praised the perseverance of the applicants. For the president's decision is also a personal victory and a welcome distraction from domestic political infighting in a leaning to the end of term.

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