Friday, July 8, 2011

Albert and Charlene, honeymoon dream to forget the DNA test

A suite of 4,600 pounds per night  to convince the reluctant bride not to pack. It would be the fourth time in two months. According to the British press (in this case, the Daily Mail), this would be the solution adopted by Prince Albert of Monaco to persuade the newly married Charlene that their marriage can really work, in spite of three previous attempts to escape her, and she would have been caused by rumors that his father would like at least one other illegitimate child (but it speaks of two, the first 18 months, the other not yet born), which would add to Alexandre, 6 years, and Jazmin, 19.

From what we read, the new Princess of Monaco would be worried by the results of the new DNA test of her husband, because in case of positive feedback, she would have the proof that Albert has been unfaithful in the year of engagement. And just to avoid more trouble, sources of the palace, protected by anonymity, they know that the examination will be performed at honeymoon ended: the fear, in fact, is that Charlene, once known the outcome, may refuse to return to Principality.

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