Friday, July 8, 2011

Rumors of the death of the former president: Where is Jiang Zemin?

China is currently playing a bizarre game of cat and mouse game to watch. The occasion is the supposed death of former Party Chairman and State President Jiang Zemin. Last Friday, China celebrated the 90th Founding of the Communist Party. Actually a must for party leaders, current and former.

But Jiang Zemin was surprisingly not participate in the festivities. In the following days on the Internet circulated the alleged reason for Jiang's absence at the ceremonies: He was dead, the rumor spread like wildfire, which provided micro-blogs are so popular in China for a mass circulation.

On state television employees were already assuming that the statement would soon come to rebuild the program at short notice to report the death of the former president. Hong Kong's Asia Television reported on television Thursday night, finally, Jiang Zemin had "died of disease." Then the authorities decided to act: Reports of the death of the 84-year-old politician has been denied.

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