Monday, June 27, 2011

Berlusconi wants to end the 18-month term of his government

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has said that the Government still has 18 months of the legislature before it, it is clear he does not think resigning. "I've told our opponents, we pursue together the reforms the country needs" and encouraged them to think "if our offer is not worth it." Berlusconi, who went on Sunday in a message to his followers, the developers of Liberty, called on the opposition to cooperate because "our government will continue until the end of the legislature and address the necessary reforms for the good of our country." "The dialogue with the opposition is my hope, at least on the most important reforms and I invited a strong constructive spirit," he said.

Berlusconi said he will keep all their commitments inside and outside of Italy. He referred to the tax reform which he said "should be made and become effective at the natural end of this legislature." And despite the setback received in the last referendum, Berlusconi said he has "a most politically less numerous, but stronger and more cohesive and able to pass the reforms that have long internal opponents have prevented to be presented in Parliament" .

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