Monday, June 27, 2011

Israel soldier Gilad Shalit recalls on the fifth anniversary of his captivity

Gilad Shalit returns to the memory and force the Israelis claim the fifth anniversary of his captivity in the hands of the Islamist group Hamas. Various events and demonstrations seeking to pressure the soldier for 24 years no longer a sad symbol and return to his home in Mitzpe Hila, in the north.

The protest of the Shalit family arrived this afternoon at its peak when he entered the compound of the official residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem and have been shackled with handcuffs and chains. "We are a family that has spent five years in captivity.

At the ceremony near the border with Gaza, a letter from the grandfather Zvi Shalit was read : The rejection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the swap with Hamas endangers the life of my grandson Gilad. Damage to Israel for not rescue the soldier Gilad Shalit and the influence on the morale of those enrolled is much higher than the exchange and release of prisoners.

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