Monday, June 27, 2011

The Venezuelan government: Hugo Chavez is fighting a great battle for his health

Venezuela Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, admitted in an interview for the Venezolana de Television that President Hugo Chavez is in good health: "The battle is giving President Chavez for his health must be the battle of all, the battle for life, for the immediate future of our country. " "This is what we pass on to our compatriots," he said.

President Chavez in Havana, Cuba, since June 10 was emergency surgery for a pelvic abscess, according to official information. Maduro called on the Venezuelan people to accompany "the president in this great battle for their health and make it a great final battle and a great victory for our people." The Chancellor thanked the expressions of affection from rulers of different latitudes.

"We have received letters from presidents and prime ministers from around the continent, the world, Europe, Asia. In a world slope and accompanying President Chavez at this time, a final battle to restore their health" he said. Maduro said that the Venezuelan president is in charge of government and that is kept informed of everything.

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