Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama embarks on a bus tour to regain popularity

The President of USA, Barack Obama, today launched a bus tour of three rural states in the country in an attempt to stop the Republican electoral momentum and regain popularity is at a minimum. Obama, whose popularity is below 40 percent in recent polls, wants to focus his message of the tour in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois job creation, the problem that besets voters and you can depend on his reelection next year.

This seeks to regain the initiative after two weeks focusing on the political battles over the debt ceiling, the downgrade of U.S. sovereign credit.  In a meeting with voters in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, the president asked these same voters to pressure Congress to "stop the games" and adopt political measures to create jobs. "There is no shortage of ideas on how to put people to work, what is needed is action by Congress ... You have to send the message to Washington that it is time to stop the games, it's time to put first to the country, "Obama said in Cannon Falls, the first stop of his tour.

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