Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breivik returns on the scene of the massacre

The killer of Oslo, Behring Anders Breivik, was brought to the island of Utoya, Norway, site of the massacre of July 22 in which 69 people were killed. The killers, led by investigators at the scene for a reconstruction, he wore a bullet-proof vest and indicated points where he opened fire on the crowd.

The 32 year-old, right-wing extremist, has admitted responsibility. The killer arrived on the island on Saturday at 14 hours local and reconstructed his movements step by step even with the same ferry that was used on July 22. The newspaper VG shows exclusive photos. Right near the newspaper office the killer stood in the car bomb which caused eight deaths.

Breivik showed investigators the points from which opened fire on the crowd, who participated in a summer camp of the ruling Labour party. The killer said that the massacre was "necessary to save Europe from Norway and Muslims." The government created an independent commission to investigate the matter.

Breivik said two days ago he had called the police 10 times while carrying out the massacre. It was not a real reconstruction, how much of a long interrogation at the scene where he arrived dressed as a policeman Breivik. "There are many new details have emerged," said Kraby. The arrival of a Utoya Breivik was held between tight security. The Norwegian extremist, who has admitted his responsibility for the bomb killed eight and 69 of Utoya in Oslo, was in handcuffs, shackles and leg was tied with a rope.

Six police boats and a helicopter have been monitoring the island during the reconstruction.

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