Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway, the Norwegian suspected killer is "love classical music and the video game"

 The Norwegian police, in shock as the entire country, has provided limited information on those responsible for the massacre. Set aside since the evening of Friday, the track Al Qaeda, investigators have focused on the neo-Nazi.

The only arrested - a Norwegian 32 year old - has far-right ideas and is anti-Islamic. Anders Breivik BEHRINGER - this is its name - was captured on the island where he completed the slaughter of young socialists. On the page "Facebook" - which is always his - the alleged killer is described as: conservative, Christian, loves classical music and computer games Modern Warfare 2 (of war) and World Warcraft.

His favorite movies are Gladiator and 300, the latter devoted to the Battle of Thermopylae and the sacrifice of the Spartan warriors to stop the Persians. Interesting the only message left July 17 on "Twitter." It 'a quote from the English philosopher John Stuart Mill: "A person with a belief has equal force of 100,000 people who have no interest." Investigators want to know if Breivik has accomplices, someone who helped him in preparing the explosives used also in the center of Oslo.

For a police source said the attack is reminiscent of Oklahoma City, U.S. (1995). On that occasion, a pair of right-wing bombers struck the federal building with a truck-bomb: 250 victims. Subversive operation conceived and led by militant anti-state. Breivik belongs to a neo-Nazi group or have acted alone? And the motive for the massacre? The police, for now, no definite answers but must find them quickly.

To understand whether Norway, as well as to defend themselves from the threat Al Qaeda (if any), must contend with an enemy within no less insidious and deadly.

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