Sunday, July 24, 2011

Belgium agrees to form a government after more than 400 days without Executive

The Francophone Belgian socialist leader Elio Di Rupo, has moved this evening to King Albert II, finally the eight political parties and four-four French-speaking Flemish, have laid the groundwork for negotiating the establishment of the new government, after more than 400 days without running, which is a world record.

The agreement was made possible after nearly seven hours of talks began on Thursday, when Belgium celebrated its national holiday. Public broadcaster RTBF reports that apparently the president of the Party Christian Democratic and Flemish (CD & V), Wouter Veke would have returned to their initial conditions to isolate the discussion regarding the constituency Brussels Hal Vilvoorde (BHV) and leave the rest of items in abeyance.

The negotiations are now delayed for a few weeks, although in the first half of August could develop technical meetings, reports the newspaper 'Le Soir' on the Internet. This truce will be used by the Parliament's Legal Service to discuss several bills. Albert II was rejected precisely this Thursday the resignation of Di Rupo, who asked to continue its mission to seek the formation of the Government, says the Royal Family in a statement.

The monarch had stressed for days "urgency" and "need" for political parties to assume their "responsibility" and facilitate the creation of a government with full powers, to avoid damaging the economic and social development.

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