Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chavez started the second week of cancer treatment in Cuba

Havana. - The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, today hailed from Havana to the "world smiling" and "life singing," after announcing yesterday that it is prepared to implement a second cycle of chemotherapy treatment for cancer. "Rising sun in Havana! Good Morning, World Smiling! Good morning, Life Singing! Good morning, Venezuela Bella! Will live and win!" Wrote the president in his account of the social network Twitter to launch its second week today stay in the Cuban capital.

Chavez announced yesterday that it successfully completed the first cycle and preparing for a second phase of the process as a struggle "for life", but did not say when plans to return to Caracas. "Now we must prepare for the second cycle, several, to decisively defeat the evil and eliminate any risk of malignant cells in the body which is his 58th birthday on 28 July," he said in a telephone conversation with Vice President Elias Jaua and several of his ministers.

"I say this because they keep saying things, keep talking. But live and I live, I promise and we headed for the victory (elections) in 2012 and the new government of 2013-2019," he said from Havana to reaffirm its intention to seek reelection. Chavez yesterday received a visit from Diego Armando Maradona, and Cuban leader Fidel Castro, according to himself on Friday night in their own "@ chavezcatanga" Twitter.

Previously, Elias Jaua had informed his ministers and has successfully completed the first cycle of chemotherapy, which he described as "a bombing, a bomb against evil" and said he has even gained weight and is in its "ideal weight, 86 kilos. " He said he is doing his special diet, exercising and going to bed later than 11:00 at night.

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