Monday, July 25, 2011

Germany paid 100 million euros to the Libyan rebels

The German Government to Libyan Transitional Council, composed of the rebel faction of the country, 100 million to address humanitarian and civil matters, as reported on Sunday the Foreign Minister of Germany, Guido Westerwelle.

According Westerwelle, this loan could be repaid with Gaddafi frozen assets once the Security Council United Nations are made available by the new Government of Libya. Libyan Rebels regain control of Al Gatron The fighting for control of the city of Al Gatron in southwestern Libya, continuing a week after forces launched an offensive gadafistas from the city of Sebha, 200 miles north, reported a rebel source.

The rebel commander told Efe Barka Mahdi by telephone that the rebels had gained col enclave, located in the northeast.

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