Monday, June 6, 2011

Syrian opposition condemns the discovery of 23 bodies in the city of Hama

Cairo. .- The opposition group "The Syrian Revolution, one of the most active in protests against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, denounced the discovery of 23 bodies in the city of Hama, where 80 people died last Friday . According to the website of this group in Facebook, the bodies were found in the park Um al-Hasan, and were given as missing since Friday, when Syrian forces harshly suppressed a demonstration in this town in central Mexico.

Hama lived on Friday one of the largest massacres since the beginning of the protests against the Assad regime in mid-March. On the other hand, a post office in the town of Jisr al Shagur in Edleb province, northwest of Damascus, was attacked today with mortars, homemade bombs and other weapons, as the opposing group.

At least 25 people have died in the last 24 hours in the town, the group said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The NGOs reported these casualties in a brief note, without giving further details. A "large number" of children and wounded have been evacuated from this village and taken to nearby towns, said the organization did not say the death toll caused by the bombing.

Other residents of Jisr al Shagur try to move because of heavy shelling, according to the Syrian Revolution. This morning, four police were killed in Jisr al Shagur, the day after that ten people were killed by gunfire from security forces. The Syrian authorities and the state media in the country, contend that terrorist groups are not identified those behind the popular demonstrations demanding greater democracy and the fall of the Assad regime.

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