Monday, June 6, 2011

Socrates himself "confident and serene" and avoids talking about the future

Lisbon. .- The Portuguese prime minister, socialist Jose Socrates, said he was "confident and calm" before today's elections in Portugal, where the conservative opposition is favored by polls to replace him in power. By going to vote in Lisbon, Socrates refused to comment on his political future when asked by journalists, but stressed that the election day today is a manifestation of freedom and democracy "and he lives" with the prospect of great happiness ".

The prime minister took office in 2005, after winning the elections with an absolute majority lost four years later, and resigned in March for the fourth parliamentary rejection of economic austerity plan. Unlike the leaders of the opposition and the head of state, the conservative Anibal Cavaco Silva, Socrates highlighted the importance of democratic election without highlighting the financial hardship of Portugal, which forced him to seek a bailout weeks after resignation.

The most important since the revolution Salazar for his part, chairman European Commission, Durao Barroso, I appeal to vote by ensuring that these are the most important elections since the April 25, the revolution that ended the dictatorship of Salazar. "It's normal for politicians to say that every choice is crucial, but this time it's true.

These elections are crucial because of the economic and financial situation of the country, I believe that these elections are the most important from the earliest to make themselves after April 25, said after voting at a polling center in Lisbon. For President Republic, who exercised his vote in the central district of Lapa, Lisbon, from voting more than a right, is also a duty, he claimed in statements to the media.

"In the situation where the country is, vote is not only a right, is a must and everyone should think that his choice of the next government is a subject too important to let others decide, that is, everyone must think that their vote is important in determining the direction of our country, "he said.

It is expected a high turnout The Portuguese turnout was 20.01% at midday, down slightly from 21.29% in the 2009 elections, officials lusas, however it is expected a high participation. After four hours of the opening of the 4,000 polling stations in the country, had already cast ballots nearly two million Portuguese nine and a half they are called to the polls.

The elections, two and half years early due to the resignation of Socrates Executive last March by parliament rejecting his last adjustment plan, forecast a victory for conservatives Pedro Passos Coelho, although without an absolute majority. The parliament of the polls out today have to choose the Government to fulfill those agreements, with which they have committed themselves socialists and conservatives.

The bailout as a stage Portugal will receive from the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 78,000 million euros over the next three years and the Government to go for early elections should be applied today's demanding economic reform program negotiated with both agencies. Recalled that Socrates is the ninth time that presents legislative elections and encouraged, as other politicians lusos to go to the polls.

The latest polls released this week in Portugal provide the main opposition party, the Social Democrats (PSD, center-right) about 38% support against 30% of the Socialists.

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