Monday, June 6, 2011

The Peruvian military leadership hopes to collect the election results

Lima. .- The members of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Peru, in an unusual, wait together the results of the election day today, according to news media reports from military sources. The head of the Joint Chiefs, Louis Howell, and the commanders of the Army, Air Force and Navy, among other senior officers, will be with the Defense Minister Jaime Thorne, who called.

The newspaper La Republica, which supports the candidacy of leftist Ollanta Humala, emphasized the unusual appointment, as usual is that the heads of the various weapons wait for the results in their respective institutions. Apparently, said the newspaper, the objective is to examine together the popular reactions that may occur after the vote, which comes at a tense and polarized atmosphere with great parity of power between Humala and right Keiko Fujimori.

The Republic was also echoed the unconfirmed rumors that the military did its own poll of likely voters and the results were similar to those of private polls that show a scene with light and closed but not yet insurmountable favorable trend the leftist candidate. The newspaper did not mention this trend because Monday is prohibited from publishing polls in Peru.

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